Queen Elizabeth Band Parents Association

2017-18 Meetings

Annual General Meeting
This meeting is held in early September. Agenda items will include the election of the new Executive Board, presentation of the financial report and upcoming budget and further information about the QEBPA.

Monthly Meetings
The QEBPA Executive Board meets monthly from October to June. Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings, even if you are not on the executive - your input is valued.

 Date  Time  Location

 August 30 (2016-17 Executive Board)

 7pm  Staff Room

 September 13 (AGM)
 Minutes: AGM Minutes

 7pm  Senior Gym
 October 11  7pm  Staff Room
 November 15  7pm  Staff Room
 December 6  7pm  Staff Room
 January 10  7pm  Staff Room
 February 7  7pm  Staff Room
 March 14  7pm  Staff Room
 April 11  7pm  Staff Room
 May 16  7pm  Staff Room
 June 20 (Pot Luck)  7pm  TBD