Queen Elizabeth Band Parents Association

QEBPA Executive Board

The QEBPA Executive Board is responsible for the general operations of the QEBPA, including scheduling events, fundraising, handling member fundraising credits, scholarships, bursaries, supporting the Band Director, securing insurance, filing association documents, etc. It is comprised of up to 15 QEBPA members who are elected each year at the AGM.

2017-18 Executive Board

 Position  Incumbent
 President  Adrienne Reimer
 Vice President  Tammy Poon
 Treasurer  Angela Coverdale
 Secretary  Phil Johnston
 Past President  Marc Wrubleski
 Director (Parent Contact & Volunteer Administrator)  Jamie Nickerson
 Director (Concert Coordinator)  Jenifer Addy
 Director (Bottle Drive Coordinator)  Sylvie Gazeilles
 Director (Fundraiser Coordinator)  Jenn Lake
 Director (Fundraiser Coordinator)  Karen Pablo
 Director (Fundraiser Coordinator)  Sandra Hudson
 Director (Fundraiser Coordinator)  Vacant
 Director (School Council Representative)  Vacant
 Director (At Large)  Vacant
 Director (At Large)  Vacant
 Director (At Large)  Vacant

For position details please see Roles & Responsibilities.

The QEBPA Executive Board conforms to Alberta Society Regulations and Standards as defined by the Societies Act of Alberta, and governs and is governed according to the QEBPA Bylaws. The most recent adopted Bylaws are posted on the QEBPA website, and the source document is stored in the QEBPA Shared Drive.